Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Riding the Storm Out

We had quite an exciting time tonight 
at Fuss It Up!

Distant wall cloud
Angela Meijer and I were just getting ready for our 
Mixed Media Group to start and I thought I heard something.

Starting to rain
First I thought it was my tired computer... humming in an attempt to get my attention.  But
after  I listened harder I discovered it was a storm siren!

Really raining now
So, we stood in the open door and watched.
We watched as the sky grew darker and darker...
the winds blew harder and the rains fell almost sideways!

Really really raining!

We even heard a rushing sound!  I've always wanted to hear a tornado...
and tonight I believe I did!  It was like a jet plane... only deeper and more constant!
Angela heard it too!  

Calm after the storm
All in all the storm lasted about an hour and the sirens went off almost 45 minutes!
Even though it was sketchy at times and our group was canceled, we
had fun riding the storm out...
laughing and taking pictures!

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  1. It was exciting! So glad Abigail is coming tomorrow, so we still get to do mixed media! Whoohoo!


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