Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It will all work out just fine!

Still working on these paintings!  Each canvas is
36" x 36"... mixed media acrylic.  They need to be done,
and will be, for the upcoming Gallery Night in
Valley Junction!

About these paintings...

there are parts that I like... 

and parts that I don't like.

As I look at them, it occurs to me...

that's a lot like life.

There are parts about life that I like
and parts that I don't.

But it comforts me to know...

that these paintings will be finished very soon.

As for life...

I have a feeling it will all work out just fine!


  1. I have just loved watching these paintings evolve, and am so curious what they will be when they're finished!

  2. I love these and I hear ya sister!


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