Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It will all work out just fine!

Still working on these paintings!  Each canvas is
36" x 36"... mixed media acrylic.  They need to be done,
and will be, for the upcoming Gallery Night in
Valley Junction!

About these paintings...

there are parts that I like... 

and parts that I don't like.

As I look at them, it occurs to me...

that's a lot like life.

There are parts about life that I like
and parts that I don't.

But it comforts me to know...

that these paintings will be finished very soon.

As for life...

I have a feeling it will all work out just fine!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Celebration of my Muse

Today, as I was working on my photos...
trying to get used to Picasa, my daughter called.
She's 18... and living in L.A.
She's my muse...
So to keep working and talking at the same time,
I asked her...
"what saying goes with the work "Beauty".
I think she's so funny
and this was the first thing
out of her mouth...
"Beauty is a rose on a stick".

Haha... I laughed so hard! And she kept them coming!

"Beauty is smelling the flowers...
even if they're dead."

"Beauty is the way chocolate crumbles in your mouth when it's dry."
SERIOUSLY funny to me...
And so I laughed and created
these special images...
in celebration
of my Muse!

I feel a trip to L.A. coming on!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Riding the Storm Out

We had quite an exciting time tonight 
at Fuss It Up!

Distant wall cloud
Angela Meijer and I were just getting ready for our 
Mixed Media Group to start and I thought I heard something.

Starting to rain
First I thought it was my tired computer... humming in an attempt to get my attention.  But
after  I listened harder I discovered it was a storm siren!

Really raining now
So, we stood in the open door and watched.
We watched as the sky grew darker and darker...
the winds blew harder and the rains fell almost sideways!

Really really raining!

We even heard a rushing sound!  I've always wanted to hear a tornado...
and tonight I believe I did!  It was like a jet plane... only deeper and more constant!
Angela heard it too!  

Calm after the storm
All in all the storm lasted about an hour and the sirens went off almost 45 minutes!
Even though it was sketchy at times and our group was canceled, we
had fun riding the storm out...
laughing and taking pictures!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

When I think of Spring I think of warmer days...
of light blue skies, tiny pink and purple flowers,

Tiny Blue Flower

and tiny turquoise robin eggs!

Spring Jewelry
I also pull Spring clothes out from the back of the closet...
darker jewel tones give way to light, bright and airy colors.

Dazzling Blues
This one of a kind jewelry is like a breath of fresh air 
after a long cold winter!

Clear Blue Water
It's light, bright and airy like the new season!

Aqua Ice
I say "welcome" to the first day of Spring and 
all that it brings!
What's your favorite thing about Spring???

Saturday, March 19, 2011

For the Love of Orange!

Remember what it was like, as a child,
on the sunniest, hottest, longest day of summer?
When even the flies were too hot to fly?
Are you there yet?

imagine a frosty, cold,  juicy
 orange popsicle!

That's what this fabulous Etsy treasury reminds me of!  
Hope you like it!

'"Orange" you glad you took a look!!!' by fussitup

When I think of the color ORANGE, I always think JUICY! Haha...but here are a few fabulously fresh orange ideas to get you ready for the warmer weather! Enjoy...

Orange Vintage Acrylic Dome ...

Sometime Today....Reproducti...

Matted Real Maple Leaf Inscr...

Zesty Pink Grapefruit Handcr...

Small Orange Yellow Red Sun ...


Original art block-Fuzzy Ugl...

Countenance Print 8x10

Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art...

Vintage Glass Candle holder

Hot Orange Silk Flower Stret...

Bowie Rock T-Shirt (Kids) Or...

Vintage 50s 60s Artist's...

2 pcs Cushion Covers - Sweed...

iPhone Decal Sticker color O...

Love Equals Heart - Art Pri...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Life's Bumpy Road

Sometimes life's road is filled with pot holes...

This is something I know for sure.

Sometimes we can see them..
and avoid them.

Other times they completely surprise us and give us a very bumpy ride.

This is just life.

But... matter what life's road brings...

it's always better... 

when you can paint!!!

These pics are details of my latest works...
not quite finished!

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